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Animal Antics is an informative, educational and fun book about 26 animals and birds from all over the world, with a special focus on some unique animals and birds found in India and Asia.
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Laugh – Each chapter of Animal Antics is in the form of a poem in rhyming verse, which is fun to read.

The verses and pictures complement each other to create a complete visual experience where you will laugh and learn as you read the poems, and discover the delights of fun and factual poetry.
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Learn – Hidden within each poem are interesting scientific facts about the animal or bird and how it interacts with its environment.

Adding to the learning component of each chapter is the fact-box element – In a Nutshell – which contains more essential information about the animal or bird. This includes the creature’s scientific name, the natural habitat where it lives, and what threatens its existence in its natural environment.
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Discover – Each poem is accompanied by realistic illustrations that depict the creature in its natural state.

Enhancing the process of discovery is an additional learning activity
– the Tidbit. This is a question related to the animal or
bird in the poem that tests the reader’s
knowledge or encourages the reader
to discover something further.

Helpful hints for the Tidbits are
provided at the end of the book.